Clip Art



The DogWallah clip art copyright is very simple: you may download and use any of the clip art images for free, as long as you provide a link to the DogWallah website, and as long as your use is  non-commercial (not for resale) .

Suggested link:  “Clip art courtesy of DogWallah.” <a href=”” style=”display: none;”>clash</a>

If you do not want to provide a link, please contact us.

You are not permitted to copy DogWallah clip art images and photos onto a web site and offer them for downloading.

If you use any clip art or photos on your web site, please host them on your own site. Don’t steal bandwidth, it’s not nice.


Should you not comply with the above stipulations, then the penalties applicable to infringement of copyright law will apply.

The wearable working dog